Halal & Vegan Skincare Products

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Halal & Vegan Skincare Products

“Allantoin and Glycerin” are two such examples and there are many more….

Halal” or “Vegan” cosmetics skincare are very much in …

People looking for such skincare need to be  aware if their product  contains of animal derived ingredients….

Do  you understand the term “Halal” & “Vegan” ?


The halal products itself can’t contain pork derived ingredients. Any source of animal ( cow, sheep etc) should be in accordance  to islamic laws ( slaughtered under halal conditions).


Skincare products that are free from animal derived ingredients.

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Let’s start ;

Animal derived ingredients :


Gives a soothing effect and treats rashes and wounds. Allantoin is animal based  (Uric acid) from mammals  and plant based ( Comfrey root extract).

Common derivatives of Allantoin  present in skincare range that you need to look out for ; Alcloxa, Aldioxa, Alpantha, Allantoin Zinc Undecylenate and Allantoin Benzocaine.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)

Effective as an exfoliator, used widely in antiageing products, mainly targeting wrinkles, acne and removal of dead skin cells.

AHAs are animal (Lactic acid ) and plant derived. Plant derived are  Glycolic acid , Citric acid, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid (plant milk sugars).


Protein obtained through boiling method (skin, bones and ligaments) in water, obtained by mammals (horses, cows, sheep, pigs etc).Used in  shampoo, cosmetics and facemasks as a thickener agent.

Plant based alternative widely available Sea weed  (algin, kelp, moss),Carrageen (carrageenan- Irish moss) and Locust bean gums.

Glycerin ( glycerol )

This is the result of a by-product obtain through manufacturing of soap, from animal fat.Glycerin is found in many skin care range (cosmetics, moisturisers and soaps) .

Derivatives are Polyglycerol and Glycerides.Vegetables oils  Palm oil , Coconut oil and Seaweed are plant based derivatives.

Squalene oil

Used as an emollient in moisturisers and cosmetics . Alternatively it’s animal  and plant based, derived from shark’s liver and plant oils (Olive, Ricebran) .


Used an emollient in many major skincare brands obtained by the oil glands of the sheep. Its extracted from the wool.

It’s animal based and three types of major derivatives are Lanolin, Isopropyl Lanolate and Aliphatic Alcohols.Plant based  are  available ; plant and vegetable oils (Palm oils, Olive oils, Nutmeg oils).

Hyaluronic acid

A component of protein that helps in smoothing fine wrinkles , acne prone and damaged skin. Acts a skin plumper.An animal based present around the fluids in the joints of the mammals.Used mainly in cosmetics and skin care  (moisturiser). Plants based alternatives are also available.

Caprylic acid

Fatty acid  derived from mammal’s milk ( cow, goat or sheep). Caprylic Triglyceride and Capryl Betaine are such derivatives. Plant based are ( Palm or Coconut oil).

Carmine/ cochineal

Red pigments used in many cosmetics (lip balms) obtained from female cochineal insect. A plant based alternative would be Beetroot extract or a Powder.


Protein that can be animal or plant based derived.Derived from animal tissue , found in vertebrates. Plant based derivatives are Almond oil and Soy protein.

Orgreen Naturals provides high premium quality , organic and halal care products with high performance actives . Our skincare products are free of  animal by products and are manufactured  in accordance to Islamic  halal laws and regulations .

We hope you have found this blog useful… Now it’s your turn , choose your product carefully …

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An absolute must complete and functional skincare routine! . I  love these products. I love this mini brightening luxury kit, you get all your products in it, which is quite handy . Can see a difference in a week in my skin tone and dark spot on my face .


"I have been trying out the RESURFACING 'N' GLOW BOOST SERUM & VITAMIN C RADIANCE OIL . It has made a difference to my skin. I wear it morning and evening & my skin feels so fresh, recommend these product to everyone.



I loved the products it’s been a week and my skin feels very hydrated and glowy. I really love the ‘radiance reveal’ serum and the moisturiser a brilliant combination!

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