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Welcome to Orgreen Naturals (House of Organic)

Nowadays, women understand what is useful and what is harmful to their skin. However, modern lifestyles and hectic pace does not always allow us to avoid all the traps and temptations. Women do not have the means and knowledge to cope with all the factors that accelerate skin aging.

Many of us our blessed with clear skin, despite of the environmental factors. Have you  ever thought about how the person with a problematic skin feels despite people keep telling them that they are beautiful. The truth is that the person with the problematic skin starts to think that they are ugly and  can feel suicidal too ….

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Imagine having a skin that breaks out easily, especially during an special event. For most of us girlies out there, this can be very frustrating, and we would love to find ways to keep these breakouts at minimum.

Even if you have a clear skin and for instance suddenly have two zits on your face, you surely go mental … I know much better and we all have been there…. Starting from a clay mask to chemical peels … you name it …….

So how can we improve our skin? what can we do and how can we prevent it?

Let’s start by referring to the “Enemies of The Skin” …. The first culprit is the use of makeup…. No, No, No one …Prefers a skin that is acne prone, dull and dry. No one wants to look cakey with foundation or concealer, do they?

So, I would highly reccommend you guys to cleanse your face at night with suitable natural based cleansers/oils like coconut oil or jojoba oil. It’s a cheap alternative and you can easily get from any retail shops. Not only the oils, will hydrate the skin, it will make the skin supple and smooth. These oils can be thick, so you can heat them a little (Luke warm) and dab it on the face with a use of a cotton.

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Every women is beautiful, so you shouldn’t feel the need of wearing extra layers of makeup. Your skin is your baby so nurture it as much as you can. By nurturing, I mean is trying to avoid wearing makeup for too long and keep it makeup free by daily cleansing at night. Cleansing is very essential, irrespective of makeup or no makeup. All the pollution, bacteria, dirt and oil are removed from the skin through this method.

If you wear makeup regularly and use a make up brush to apply it, then you must try to clean your brush every few weeks.. We don’t want any transferring of bacteria on our skin now, do we ….. These makeup brushes are pathways to accumulation of oils, dead skin, make up residues , which all links to the growth of bacteria, a potential cause of acne and other skin complications.

So how can you wash/ clean these makeup brushes?

• Use a mild natural cleanser ( castile soap, natural baby shampoo). Avoid use harsh detergents or soaps as this can damage the bristles. Just wet the brushes and dab a little amount of these substances to the brush . After rinsing , you can then leave them to dry , using a clean towel .
Make sure to change your makeup brushes every 1- 2 years……..

Note : If you dont have a soap or a shampoo at home, the other option is to use isopropyl alcohol, that works as an disinfectant . It’s available in all leading pharmacy.

• Spray some isopropyl alcohol to the brushes and leave it for few hours (4-5 ), to make sure that the alcohol residues are completely dried.

If you wear makeup regularly and are using makeup brushes to apply it, you must clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to prevent acne and potential skin infections. Every professional makeup artist knows to do this to prevent spreading germs from client to client.

Bacteria easily builds up on makeup brushes due to the accumulation of oils, dead skin and makeup residues. This is an area that is often overlooked but can be a huge game changer if you have acne prone skin. The longer you leave your brushes without cleaning your brushes, the more bacteria grows on the brushes and gets transferred onto your skin every time you apply your makeup.

Once, in a while we all crave for fast food, who doesn’t … especially those succulent, juicy fried chicken wings … I can feel my mouth watering. You can enjoy your life but too many rounds to the fast food restaurants can have a deadly impact on your skin.

I am sure that one or two spots shouldn’t really be a problem, but what happens if it spreads and becomes three – four …. It’s “Acne” which you should be looking out for. “Acne” is a skin disorder that is linked to a refined carb/high sugar diet.

It’s not just acne, but also other skin related issues such as sagging, wrinkling, poor skin tone, unbalanced complexion. Now no one likes an aging skin do they …. Try to eat as many green vegetables as possible and have a balanced meal.

Vitamin A,C and E are essential for a healthy skin for example Vitamin C promotes formation of collagen which leads to firmness of skin. Fats, meat , longer cooking times, processed foods all are contributory factors towards skin aging. Also don’t forget that smoking is also one of the biggest reason for skin damage as it causes breakdown of collagen causing premature wrinkling.

Have you ever thought about the impact it can lead to not just your skin, but also to your hair and teeth? Can you imagine yellow, discoloured teeth with bleeding gums and fizzy, lifeless, dry hair? I am sure no one wants to go through it … Trust me water is your best friend so keep hydrated my friends.

Note : The preferred amount is 2 litres of water a day ….

As a kid, we all loved a bit of sunshine and loved making rounds to the beach with our loved ones. I can still remember making sand castles, running after the ice-cream vans and what not teasing my cousins who got the best ice-cream flavours.

The warm water tides touching our feet’s, dragging us close to the shore…. It was great …. While enjoy each moment we forget the importance of our skin. It’s important to know that the type of rays (UVA, UVB), emitted by the sun will penetrate deep down to the skin structure (dermis, epidermis) and will cause skin related issues (wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation).  So, how can we solve this issue?

We can start by wearing suitable sunscreens and keep ourselves covered (hats, sunglasses).

Ps … Avoid times between 12 -3pm as this when the impact is high.

Hopefully, I have managed to put some sense in your head…. I can’t wait to share my halal, natural, organic products, with high performance actives. I have managed to find a solution on fingertips which I am going to be launching soon … so watch out for the space …

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An absolute must complete and functional skincare routine! . I  love these products. I love this mini brightening luxury kit, you get all your products in it, which is quite handy . Can see a difference in a week in my skin tone and dark spot on my face .


"I have been trying out the RESURFACING 'N' GLOW BOOST SERUM & VITAMIN C RADIANCE OIL . It has made a difference to my skin. I wear it morning and evening & my skin feels so fresh, recommend these product to everyone.



I loved the products it’s been a week and my skin feels very hydrated and glowy. I really love the ‘radiance reveal’ serum and the moisturiser a brilliant combination!

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